As the bank holiday to commemorate the 75th VE Day anniversary approaches, so Wales and the world battle the covid-19 virus.

Kind thoughts go out to all our members and their families who have suffered loss or health problems at this time.

Hopefully the situation will improve for everyone in the near future.

The committee has continued to work together  to maintain the club in a good financial and physical state during this difficult time.

Stan and Steve have encouraged members to re-join now or as soon as the club is open again. Stan has many bills to pay on the club’s behalf and has made sure that the club’s finances, although severely depleted, are in good order. Hopefully there will be an uplift once tennis starts again.

At the present time there is no indication that the LTA will recommend clubs to open just yet but as soon as we have permission the club is ready for all members. We have been really fortunate that with amazing work and effort improvements have been made even in this terrible time.

Rob has exchanged his court craft to court care. He has cleaned the courts so that they all look pristine and are ready for play as soon as we can start hitting balls again.

Guy has worked with Paul and Lee, our new Junior Chair, to tidy up several areas of the club. They have cut the grass and painted the shelter. Who knew that Lee has muscles like Popeye! He has pulled out tree stumps, cut hedges, reorganised the netting on the hard courts as well as updating the notice boards. Their tireless work has improved the club’s appearance and facilities. The whole committee has supported the work with encouraging words and helpful suggestions as well as helping out when able and allowed to get to the club.

It is planned to further improve the hard courts by replacing the bulbs to give better lighting and to repaint the court surfaces

Faced with a situation that few, if any,  of us have ever seen before, the family that is the Dinas Powys Lawn Tennis Club has worked together with seriousness and good humour to meet the present challenges.

We hope that we will be even stronger in the near future and one day soon celebrate together.

The 2020 Committee 

May  8th 2020

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