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A special family subscription is available to parents and dependent members of a family of any category of membership, including bona fide students living at (or having) the same address.

The cost of subscriptions may be spread over five months.   If you wish to discuss this option please telephone Shirley Howman on 07801 277 627 or or complete, and return to membership Sec,  the Bank Mandate Form on the Website.

Playing Member

£ 227 Or 5 x £45.40 by Standing Order

Playing Member Youth

(PM Under 24 on 1st January)
£ 119 Or 5 x £23.80 by Standing Order

Family Member

£ 463 Or 5 x £92.60 by Standing Order

Married Couple

£ 407 Or 5 x £81.40 by Standing Order

Single Parent Family

£ 292 Or 5 x £58.40 by Standing Order

Junior Member

(JM > Year 9)
£ 97 Or 5 x £19.40 by Standing Order

Young Junior

(JY Years 4-8)
£ 66 Or 5 x £13.20 by Standing Order

Mini Member

(MM < Year 3)
£ 35 Standing Order N/A

Country Member

£ 129 Or 5 x £25.80 by Standing Order

Social Member

£ 36 Standing Order N/A

Application form

To download our membership forms please use the links below.

* Please note completed bank mandate forms must be returned to:

Membership Secretary
Shirley Howman

*Address details are on the bank mandate form.

Rules and Bylaws

To download our rules and bylaw documents please use the links below

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